The Rooming House

Michael Kluckner
The Rooming House

Review by Christopher Cheung in The Tyee, 1 April 2022

Kluckner’s novel is a lively time capsule of one groovy chapter.


Review by John Mackie in the Vancouver Sun, 8 June 2022

The Rooming House is set between 1971 and ’74, when Kitsilano was undergoing seismic changes.


Review by John Thomson in Galleries West, 13 June 2022

Best known as an incessant but knowledgeable critic of rampant development, Kluckner considers himself a chronic memoirist and says The Rooming House came about while reflecting on how the issues he confronted in his youth – political action, unemployment and the environment – compare and differ from those facing youth today.


Review by Valerie Green in The British Columbia Review, 19 August 2022

Michael Kluckner has skillfully managed to capture the free spirit, free love era of the late sixties and early seventies in this captivating story of lost youth trying to find their paths in life.


Review by John Moore in BC BookWorld, Vol 36, Number 4, Winter 2022–2023, p. 25

An almost painfully authentic evocation of a brief few years in Vancouver’s history.


Review by Michael Kluckner in British Columbia History, Vol 56, Number 2, Summer 2023, pp. 28–29

It’s a kind of historical fiction – an illustrated novel with detailed notes in the appendix – with a soundtrack of classic rock music from the time. A new way of telling history, perhaps?