Surviving Vancouver

Michael Kluckner
Surviving Vancouver

Review in City Hall Watch, March 29, 2024.
“Surviving Vancouver, a new book from Michael Kluckner”
Artist/author Michael Kluckner has just published a book called Surviving Vancouver, a double-entendre title of what has survived in the city, and how people are surviving within (and without) it. It reflects heritage advocacy that he began more than 30 years ago with the book Vanishing Vancouver, adding in a lot more social and cultural content to reflect the city’s increasingly harsh divisions between the haves (property owners) and everyone else.

Review by Christopher Cheung in The Tyee, April 11, 2024.
“Surviving Vancouver”: A Global City’s Unlikely Holdouts
Michael Kluckner’s new book illustrates the special places that remain as power and profit remake the city.

Review by Douglas Todd in The Vancouver Sun, April 16, 2024.
“Surviving” Vancouver, in more ways than one.
Although Surviving Vancouver devotes energy to analyzing wealth gaps in the region, it needs to be emphasized Kluckner’s affection for this place keeps bursting through. His book reverberates with beautiful watercolours, historical maps and fetching illustrations, old and new.