Michael Kluckner

Surviving Vancouver

This book asks and answers two questions. What’s survived in Vancouver? And, how do you survive in Vancouver? From historic neighbourhoods under threat from land speculation to the debates about densifying and making room, Michael Kluckner explores the contested space of Metro Vancouver, using his classic watercolour images from the past 25 years. Forty years after his Vancouver The Way It Was book, Surviving Vancouver concludes his study of the city.

$24.95 (Paperback, 126 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-54-5


Rooming House (Midtown Press)The Rooming House

In the 1960s and early ’70s, thousands of youths were on the road, hitchhiking across Canada and the USA and travelling through Europe, living in rooming houses in cities like Vancouver and in communes in the country. Their individual stories played out on a canvas stretched across the frame of world events including Vietnam, Woodstock, Watergate, and the emerging environmental movement, often in a climate of idealism, protest, and anger.

The Rooming House follows several of these young men and women sharing an old home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district, tracking their loves, losses, and wanderings through the diary entries of two of them. It is both a coming-of-age novel about disaffected and aimless young people and an exploration of the events of those years, complete with a soundtrack of rock classics and notes for readers who weren’t around then.

$19.95 (Paperback, 160 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-46-0


Here & Gone

In his first set of paintings published in nine years, Michael Kluckner explores surviving relics of old Vancouver and rural British Columbia, scenes like those in his award-winning, best-selling books from the 1990s and 2000s. Accompanying them are images of people and places that capture a kind of “Vancouver poetry,” and artwork from his travel sketchbooks of journeys around the world.

$19.95 (Paperback, 80 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-38-5



In the wake of the Patriotic War and subsequent pandemic, a city of impoverished survivors is ruled by the charismatic Sensei and his strict environmental laws. Detective Sara Fidelia is called in to investigate a rare murder – a mutilated Mort has been left at the entrance to the walled city. She sets out to find the Perp, travelling through a ruined landscape to the distant rebel town of Excursion – a journey that brings her much more than she bargained for.

$19.95 (Paperback, 132 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-18-7



A novelist, journalist, socialite, botanist, explorer, and World War I ambulance driver, Julia Henshaw was a unique and colourful personality. This graphic biography follows her eventful life from Montreal to Vancouver, from Banff to London, and from the mining towns of BC’s Kootenays to the battlefields of France and Belgium. Her strongly expressed views of women’s roles and voting rights, of racial and class issues, and of Canada’s relationship to Great Britain and the US are an illuminating contrast with the values of her contemporaries, and with society today.

$19.95 (Paperback, 132 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-20-0



In the Interior of BC, during World War II, Japanese-
Canadians are exiled from their homes on the Coast. Such is the fate of Toshiko and her cousin, who land on a farm near a small, hostile town. While in high school, Toshiko discovers that not all residents see them as the enemy. One farm boy in particular from her graduating class is curious about the plight of the Japanese-Canadians and a friendship develops that soon blossoms into a kind of Romeo-and-Juliet romance. When their relationship becomes a scandal, he is thrown out of his house and sets off with her for Vancouver, where they attempt to establish a life together before the harsh reality of wartime Canada closes in on them.

$19.95 (Paperback, 132 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-35-4

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Toshiko: A Guide for Teachers, by Michael Kluckner (PDF)