Ed Whitcomb

A Short History of ManitobaA Short History of Manitoba

This book focuses on the province of Manitoba and concisely outlines exploration and the fur trade, the settlers, the Métis, the First Nations, the problems they faced and their influence on this region of Canada. Explanations of early economic and political developments include the struggle over borders, railways, tariffs, and schools. It delves into the reasons for the boom that preceded the First World War, the depression that followed, and includes such issues as scandals, prohibition, women’s suffrage, the Winnipeg General strike, and the rise to power of the farmers’ movement. The Great Depression, and more importantly, its long-term effects are covered, including the efforts of the Manitoba provincial governments since the mid-1950s to foster social and economic development. This is an excellent resource for visitors, newcomers, students and those interested in Canadian history. Look for other titles in the “Short History” series.

$12.95 (Paperback, 72 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-29-3

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