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Exploring Vancouver Naturehoods
An Artist’s Sketchbook Journal

Did you know that flies have halters? That hummingbird tail feathers sing? Or that bees have five eyes? The closer you look, the more incredible ordinary things become.

Seen through the pages of an artist’s sketchbook journal, the extraordinary biodiversity in our city comes into view. Exploring Vancouver Naturehoods takes a closer look at nature wherever you find it in our city, whether in a beautiful park, a tree-lined street, your backyard, or a plant poking through a crack in the sidewalk. These are Vancouver’s “naturehoods” – any greenspace in your neighbourhood no matter how big or how small. This local artist uses her sketchbook as an opportunity to discover and explore nature throughout our city and as a portal to connect with community on many levels.

$24.95 (Paperback, 148 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-48-4

$29.95 (Hardcover, 148 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-49-1