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A Boy Named Tommy Douglas (Midtown Press)Beryl Young
A Boy Named Tommy Douglas
Illustrated by Joan Steacy

A childhood illness inspired the boy who was not big for is age and not from a wealthy family to grow up to take an important difference in the lives of every child and adult in Canada. Here is the little-known story of Tommy Douglas and his dream.

When Tommy was a boy in Winnipeg his knee injury led to osteomyelitis, and doctors made the frightening decision to amputate his leg. His leg was saved by a specialist who performed surgery at no cost so Tommy could run and play games again. Growing up, Tommy never forgot that other children whose parents didn’t have money to pay surgeons were not so fortunate. He became a fiery politician and his dream to have good medical care for all Canadians came true. Tommy Douglas is known as the Father of Medicare.

$19.95 (Hardcover, 32 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-41-5


Marie-Laure Chevrier
Johnny of Maillardville
Illustrated by Michael Kluckner

Johnny of Maillardville chronicles the arrival of a group of French-Canadian lumber workers from the Gatineau region in 1909. Recruited to work at the Western Lumber Company’s mill in Coquitlam, they settled above the mill in an area they called Maillardville. Its main character is Jean-Baptiste “Johnny” Dicaire Jr., a pioneer in founding this French-Canadian enclave. Gathered from memoirs and testimonies of the first arrivals, the book describes in a series of vignettes the early life and history of this important neighbourhood. Johnny Dicaire, the main character, is representative of his time and the village’s most colourful figure. He is a role model of determination, openness, and inclusion.

$15.95 (Paperback, 116 p.)
ISBN 978-1-988242-42-2

Disponible en français aux Éditions Pacifique Nord-Ouest.